It’s easy for some people to sit in front of a camera reading a teleprompter or answer questions during an interview, but I know for others being on camera builds anxiety and the nerves go through the roof. If you are one of these people I have a solution for you. Hire a host or an On Camera personality. I call these people producers and reporters. Either way they are also story tellers. Let us tell your story. Think of it as a news story about you, your business, or that house you are trying to sell. We can write a script about the product. Lay a music track down and tell the story. We can also capture a few interviews from you and your clients which adds to your story. The interview is never a scary situation. The camera becomes a fly on the wall and we have a conversation. Either way you have a story. You need to tell your story about what you do and why you do it. I want to share a few stories with you. The first one is a story about the Alpine Retreat. It’s a group of condos in Park City that’s for sale.  Another story is about a dentist located in Scottsdale Arizona. Some stories can tell themselves and don’t need a reporter or host. Take for instance Walker Home Design  If you want to take out the reporter and the interviews we can do a music track but you need something amazing to hold the viewers attention like this house from Silver Hawk home builders. Many different styles and they are all great ways to tell your story. If you’d like to tell your story. Give me a call. Lets meet up and talk. You can find me at