I’ve been telling stories for years about people, places, and things. Many years ago I realized everything and everyone has a story. I spent 20 years in news interviewing people. We talked about their passions, what they did for a living, or they would tell a heart felt story about a loved one. TV and video is the art emotion. If you can connect with your audience on an emotional level then you have them. Video and story telling can convey emotion. It’s not as simple as pointing your I phone at you and talking. It needs to be shot and told properly. We are all on Facebook. I subscribe to many business’s pages on Facebook. One major home builder caught my eye with a title “Get to know your real estate agent.” I thought OH COOL!! Video…. nope it was a still photo and written words. Now I have to sit read about my real estate agent if I happen to use this home builder. By the way I hate to read.  Why not video? Let the real estate agent tell you their story. What drives them to sell you a house? Who are they? What do they do for fun? What’s in your community to do for fun? Do they have a family? A spouse? Other then taking lots of money from you for this house who are they? It can all be told in a 1:30 video. https://youtu.be/g3kOIqFP2pc This story is about Mitch. He’s a dedicated Real Estate agent. Watch his video. It was quick and simple to do. He gave me 2 hours of his time. I went along for an open house to catch Mitch in action. It turned out to be a great video.