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We specialize in using video as a powerful tool to tell the unique stories of businesses like yours.

At Web Video Imagery, we believe that storytelling is the key to creating impactful and memorable videos.

That's why we're dedicated to producing emotionally-driven, story-based videos using a unique visual approach that perfectly captures your brand's personality, values, and vision. With us, you'll get personalized attention and a customized video that showcases your unique story and connects with your target audience on a deeper level.

Lights, Camera, Action

Ready to see what we're made of? Check out our portfolio today for a peek into our collection of stunning videos created for clients just like you. With a variety of high-quality videos to choose from, you're sure to find inspiration for your next project.

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Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production services specialize in creating engaging and immersive business videos and real estate videos that capture the essence of your brand or property, providing a dynamic way to showcase your unique story and value proposition.

Let our video production services guide you to success.

At Web Video Imagery, we offer a range of video production services that can help businesses connect with their target audience in a more personal and engaging manner. Each of these video types serves a unique purpose, from showcasing your brand's personality and values to highlighting your products and services or providing informative content to your audience.
Our team of video production experts will guide you throughout the entire process, from ideation and scripting to filming and post-production, ensuring that the message and tone are aligned with your brand guidelines and business goals. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality video that sets you apart from the competition and resonates with your target audience.
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Brand Storytelling

Our brand storytelling service harnesses the power of emotion, narrative, and visual storytelling to create a personal connection with your audience and convey your brand's unique story and values.


Product & Promotional

Our product and promotional video service provides a dynamic and engaging way to showcase your products, services, and brand by incorporating storytelling, stunning visuals, and cutting-edge production techniques.


Corporate & Internal Communication

Our corporate and internal communication video services help businesses effectively communicate their message to their employees, stakeholders, and investors through engaging and informative videos that convey complex information in a clear and concise manner.


Event Capture & Live Streaming

Our event capture and live streaming video services offer a dynamic and immersive way to capture the essence of your event and reach a wider audience through live streaming, providing viewers with an experience that is almost as good as being there in person.


Interview & Documentary

Our interview and documentary video services offer a powerful way to tell the stories behind your brand, products, or services by highlighting your unique perspectives and experiences, creating an emotional connection with the viewer and building trust in your brand.


Drone Videography

Our drone videography services provide a stunning and unique perspective, capturing aerial footage that adds a dynamic and immersive element to your videos and showcases your property or event in a way that traditional videography cannot.


Still Photography

Our still photography services capture stunning images that tell a story and showcase your brand, product, or property in a way that engages your audience and brings your vision to life.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Our customer testimonial video services provide a powerful way to build trust and credibility with your audience by sharing real-life stories and experiences from satisfied customers, helping to increase conversions and drive sales.

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Darren is an amazing human being and wonderful videographer. He is easy to work with, and final results turn out great. I don't like being in front of the camera, and he made sure to make me feel comfortable by being easy going and fun. I would recommend Darren 1000% to all my friends and family.

Goran Jovic


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Web Video Imagery is my go to for real estate tours. Darren is the best in Utah when it comes to professional work to help my clients sell their homes. If you have a house to sell or want top notch video production for your business, Web Video Imagery is the place to go.

Brian Burrows

Real Estate Agent

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Darren is very talented and takes pride in his work. He’s always on time, ready to roll, and gets to the point. He’s creative, hard-working and makes filming a collaborative effort. I would recommend him to anyone looking to market themselves or their company. If you’re not utilizing video in your marketing, you’re way behind.

Amy Wilson

Real Estate Agent

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I’ve worked with Darren on all sorts of productions. From TV shows, and commercials to real estate or news he always brings skill, and passion to every project. Working with web video imagery is always a treat.

L. Matthew Kjar


Meet videographer and storyteller, Darren Bailey.

Darren is a seasoned professional videographer with years of experience in creating stunning visual content. With his unique combination of creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail, Darren has the skills and experience needed to bring your project to life. Here are just a few of the traits he brings to the table:

  • Ability to Work Under Strict Timelines and on Large Scale Projects

  • Strong Communication Skills, both Verbally and Non-Verbally

  • Attention to Detail and Ability to Work Independently or as Part of a Team

  • Flexibility and Ease in Adapting to Changing Circumstances on-the-Fly

  • A Keen Eye for Shots That Will Capture the Essence of Your Project

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What does it look like to work with us?



Our process begins with scheduling an interview with our founder, Darren. During this conversation, Darren will work with you to understand your goals, values, and target audience, so we can develop a compelling concept that resonates with your brand.



The interview process is where Darren dives deeper into every detail of your business. This allows us to understand the "why" behind your story and then distill that into a short, compelling concept to use in your video that is engaging and authentic.



The production process is where the magic happens. Our team uses top-notch video production techniques to create stunning video content that showcases your brand in the best possible light. Our focus is on delivering high-quality content that stands out from the rest and captivates your audience.



Once the video is complete, we work with you to promote your content. We help you integrate the video into your business process, ensuring it aligns with your marketing strategy. Additionally, we advise you on the best marketing channels to post your video so you can integrate it into your business process and effectively reach your target audience.



Finally, the benefits of our process are real and tangible. Our clients yield greater returns, resulting in higher revenue and engagement with their ideal customers. We've helped countless businesses take their story to the next level, and we're confident we can do the same for you.

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